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Baby Mawusi has frontal Encephalocele and needs $1,138 for surgery

Mawusi Sanu is a seven month old baby of Jennifer Asempa a twenty five year old Ghanaian woman who resides in Accra,Ghana.

Evelyn needs an emergency surgery to fight appendicitis.

Evelyn is a 18 year old senior high school final year student from Ghana who wants to be a news presenter in the nearest future. She fainted in school and now needs an emergency surgery to fight appendicitis...

Help Save Abdullah

Abdullah is a 3-year-old boy who has been diagnosed with a hole in his heart. He also got burnt by hot water and is in critical condition.

$12,448.36 still needed
15-Year-Old Girl in Ghana Needs Support for Scoliosis Surgery

Help 15-year-old Ramatu in Ghana get the scoliosis surgery she needs to lead a healthy and fulfilling life. She has been unable to go to school .. Your support can help cover the cost of the surgery and give Ramatu a chance to thrive.

$5,486.13 still needed


$9,939.15 still needed
Mr. Clement needs our help

My dear dad has to undergo three major surgeries in Turkey- Which sums up to an estimated amount of $25,000. My dad's health is deteriorating, so time is essential.

$23,984.75 still needed
Help Emmanuel Walk Again: A Story of Hope and Determination

Every donation counts! Let's come together and help Emmanuel fight his battle against a brain tumor. #TogetherForEmmanuel #DonateNow

$8,995.31 still needed
Sarah Botchway from Ghana needs $650 for her eye surgery

Sarah Botchway is a three year old and lives in Ghana’s Central Region. As a baby, she developed an Epibulbar Dermoid Cyst, which is causing her to go blind in her left eye and experience discomfort...

Volta Flood Emergency Response Fund

Your donation can help provide food, shelter, medical supplies, and other essential items to those affected by the floods in Volta!

$4,928.23 still needed
Little Eden needs help

Little Eden's results confirmed a disease called Congenital Disorder of Glycosylation (CDG). He needs help now.

$86,494.90 still needed
Support For Flood Disaster Victims At MEPE Volta Region

Support For Flood Disaster Victims At MEPE Volta Region

$4,995.00 still needed
Hearts for Mercy: Let's Raise 6000 Ghana Cedis for Oesophageal Relief

I've been diagnosed with Oesophageal Stricture which was caused by persistent Acid Reflux (GERD) which always prevent me from swallowing liquids foods.

$388.81 still needed

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