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Seth's story

Please introduce the patient and tell us a brief story of how it all started, the diagnoses, proposed treatment , cost, the hospitals you have been to, the challenges and pains the patient and family are facing ,  why you can not afford the total cost and need help, What efforts have you put in so far, what will happen if you don't get the money and treatment.....
The patient name is Mr Seth Adjetey Charway. 
It started on Monday 6th of March 2023. He woke up in the morning exactly 4:00am to pray. He then felt a sharp pain at his back and the pain was too much for him,  so we took him to the nearest hospital.  The doctor attends to him and all of a sudden, he couldn't walk again. We run series of scans and tests and the results showed a shift of disc in his spine and cloted blood in leg and his pelvic. 

He's been diagnose of Decompressive Lumber Laminectomy. 
The proposed treatment is surgery. The cost is estimated at GHS 101,900.00. We have been to Family health hospital, Korle-bu Teaching Hospital but there was no bed available, 37 military hospital but the Neurosurgeon was not available so we are currently at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) but the money involved in doing surgery is too much for us. 
The problem we are facing now is how to raise funds so the doctors will start with the surgery. We have taken loan from the bank but it is not enough for them to start the surgery. If we don't get the money for treatment to commence, the cloted blood in his leg and pelvic will climb and spread. When it gets to his chest, that means we will loss him. Please help us to save my dad's life.

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