Touching Tomorrow: Embracing Dreams, Empowering Villages through Mobile ICT Centers


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In the expansive landscapes of rural communities, a beacon of opportunity awaits—Information and Communication Technology (ICT). We invite you to spearhead a movement ushering the digital era into every corner, commencing with the establishment of MOBILE ICT CENTERS. Imagine distant villages where access to ICT education is a remote dream. This is the stark reality for numerous communities, and our mission is to change that. The lack of resources and infrastructure has created a digital gap, depriving these areas of the tools to shape their destinies. Our fundraising campaign knows no geographic bounds. 

FISTRAD, is an integrated project that combines advocacy with direct support to our beneficiaries. We have adopted this approach to our work because we believe that in a developing country like Ghana, it is not possible to achieve accelerated community development by relying on government alone to deliver on education and training of the youth. With support of our friends in Germany (Paul Ev), FISTRAD has successfully established an ICT center in Kobdema-Sandema. Equipped with twelve computers, printers, projectors, and more, this center has become a hub for ICT learning. However, the distance and transportation costs make it inaccessible for students in Kpalinsa and beyond. Here is a link to our website 

We aspire to launch MOBILE ICT CENTERS that will traverse every rural community, beginning with places like Kpalinsa, Zuidem, Tangkansa, Mutiensa, Zamsa, and Kadema. These centers will transcend mere classrooms; they will be the catalysts for transformation. Your donation ensures that ICT education is not a privilege confined to urban spaces but a right accessible to every student, regardless of their location. By arming communities with ICT skills, you empower them to participate in the global economy, fostering economic growth at the grassroots level. These mobile centers will serve as hubs of innovation, unlocking the potential of local talents and ideas that can redefine the future. Our goal is to bring these mobile centers to life, creating a network of opportunities that will resonate far beyond the initial impact. 

Your support is the key to unlocking the doors to progress. By donating, you become a pioneer in a movement that transcends boundaries and lights up the futures of countless communities. Spread the word about our campaign. Here is a link to our estimated cost of items needed to make this a success. 

(Note: The cost of transportation and allowances for volunteers during  this training will be absorbed by FISTRAD)

Together, let’s turn every village into a hub of digital empowerment. Together, let's roll out a mobile revolution that transforms the way rural community’s access education and opportunity.

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