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Crowdfrica connects people and makes it easy for anyone to fund access to healthcare and classroom needs for people in Africa.

What we aim to solve
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 3.5 billion people – almost half the world’s population – lack access to the health services they need, with almost 100 million people being pushed to extreme poverty each year because of out-of-pocket expenses.  In many communities we work in Ghana like Ohua, people can not afford basic care for as low as $5!
In many parts of Africa, there is a lack of teaching and learning materials and experiences for teachers and students, 6 - 13 school children share a textbook. This contributes greatly to the estimated 37 million out of 97 million children who will enter school on time but will not learn basic skills.  We connect teachers who need supplies with donors who want to help.

Our current solution
Crowdfrica is a  crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for anyone anywhere to donate as low as $5 to help people get life-saving medical treatment or national health insurance to access regular health care. Donors can also support public school teachers with the materials they need.  All donors get updates (images, receipts, thank yous) to show them how every amount was spent. 

Where we work

Currently in Ghana and Cameroon. Working on expanding to Kenya, Nigeria, and across Africa.

To date, 3000 people have been funded and given access to life-changing healthcare on and 2000 people from the underserved villages we serve have been educated on community health issues and health insurance.  

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