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Family's story

Meet the Mensah family, one of the many families that Crowdfrica is raising money for in order to provide them with health insurance. In Ghana, the government has to subsidize the cost of national health insurance for poor communities but families like the Mensah’s spend all they have to support themselves and their children. The Mensah’s live in Ohua, a village in the central region of Ghana, that is very deprived and lacks a health center, making it very hard for its people to seek care when they are sick or hurt. Benjamin Ebo Mensah and his wife Florence Essuman work diligently farming in order to provide for their kids and raise them so that they can each reach their full potential. They believe strongly in educating their children for a bright future even though Benjamin had little education when he was young. Ben and Florence have six children. Irene,14, the oldest, will be completing junior high school next year and dreams of becoming a nurse, while her brothers Enest,12, and James, 10, want to grow up someday to be drivers and pastors, respectively. 

 Support the Mensah family by donating today so that they can receive health insurance so that they no longer have to worry about whether or not they will be able to seek care whenever there is an emergency.

Cost Description Cost
Year One $22.20
Renewal $20.80
Payment Processing $3.00
Fulfilment (labor & materials) cost $25.00
Total $71.00

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