Help Emmanuel Walk Again: A Story of Hope and Determination

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Emmanuel's story

Emmanuel is a 35-year-old man with big dreams of building a multinational company in both the health and technology industry. However, his dreams were put on hold when he fell from a chair and injured his right knee. Despite seeking medical attention and resting his leg, he experienced shaking and seizures that led to the discovery of a brain tumor.

Emmanuel's wife is pleading for help as they cannot afford the $9,000 needed for his surgery and physiotherapy. They have written to different companies and media houses but have been turned down due to the current hold on sponsorships.

Emmanuel's condition could worsen without treatment, leading to seizures, severe headaches, complete paralysis, and even sudden death. But with your help, Emmanuel can get the surgery he needs to remove the tumor and go through physiotherapy to regain strength in his leg. With your generosity, you can help Emmanuel walk again and continue pursuing his dreams.

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