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Nordview's story

Nordview Bilingual Nursery and Primary school situated in Bamenda, Cameroon was established in 2015 through its authorization by the ministry of basic education in Cameroon. 
Our principal goal is to provide education to the next generation of leaders using our child-centered approach. 

The northwest and southwest region which comprises Bamenda city has been experiencing infighting between the state forces and separatist fighters clamoring for separation. This has led to the closure of schools for over five years counting in these two regions. As of last year, the nonstate group relaxed their actions by authorizing non-state-owned schools to minimally open doors.


At Nordview Bilingual Nursery and primary school, this came with mixed feelings. Among the challenges we encounter in the smooth running of the school include the following;

1) Most children of school-going ages have been deprived of their right to education and some have significant gaps, especially those who missed early childhood development and intermediary phases of education. To narrow this gap extra attention should be given to these children who cannot read or write. We, therefore, appeal for donations for us to recruit more teachers to give maximum attention. 

2) Besides huge gaps in children learning, Nordview has the challenge of children especially internally displaced children who because of heavy fighting in their rural communities made their way to the city where there's relative calm. Unable to afford three meals a day some come to school on empty stomachs.  Nordview initiated a school feeding scheme for those affected, but this gesture can only be possible through your support.  We, therefore, appeal for a donation.  No amount is too small. You won't imagine how many smiles you will be putting on these kids' faces.

3) At the peak of the fighting our school campus was hijacked by unknown gunmen who lived there ad caused so much infrastructural damage. Broken Toilets, windows, doors, ripping off of electrical cables, benches and tables burnt for firewood just to name a few 
Some work has been done to create a conducive learning environment and much more is still to be done. Your donation will go a long way to provide the necessary tools for effective learning in the school.

Thanks to crowdfrica we've been able to do some work, at this stage some urgent needs will include:

A)  Nordview currently has over 360 learners counting this academic year 2022 -2023. Additional four teachers are needed to reduce the ratio of teachers per learner.  According to our budget projection, a wage subsidy of 1500 euros will assist us to pay these teachers annual wages.

B) our school feeding has not been very effective due to a lack of finances. Over 60 kids have been identified who qualify for the feeding scheme.  We believe If 1200 euro could be raised from your donation we will ensure no child comes and go back home on an empty stomach through the school year.

C) We need at the very least 10 tables and 10 chairs for teachers in the various classrooms. According to our estimate, 200 euros will afford the tables and chairs.

D) As the school population increases we need ten more benches to caution the ever-growing population of learners. 600 euros has been estimated. 

E) Due to the ripping off of electrical cables we do not have electricity in school and some classrooms are too dark for the kids to acquire effective learning.  We believe 500 euros will buy cables and pay an electrician to reconnect electricity to the school. 

Never think that your money is too small. Every cent matters. Please donate to the less privileged. 🙏

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