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Bridget's story

My wish for my 27th birthday is to GIVE! Won't you celebrate with me?

My Story

At the age of 25, I decided to move from the U.S. to Ghana. I had always wanted to work in Ghana and the African continent at large, and at that age, I found the perfect opportunity to do so.

My first year in Ghana was glorious. I blossomed; I was surrounded by like minds, having conversations and participating in activities that mattered to me and that were connected to my passion to contribute.

But, mid-26 was particularly difficult: I faced many business and financial setbacks and personal challenges, including the death of someone close to my family. I became confused and unsure of my ability to contribute in Ghana. That is, except...

Except, the occasions at which I would see Randy Caiquo. Randy's steadfastness in pursuit of his goal consistently fueled mine.

I met Randy at a social enterprise training sponsored by the British Council in Ghana. We were both selected as burgeoning leaders for our work as social entrepreneurs in Ghana. I was working on a tech platform to bring more employment opportunities to Ghana and Randy was working on his tech platform,, to fundraise for health insurance and education supplies for Ghanaians. Randy took the group of us by storm. Because of his tenacity, passion, discipline, and personal story of sacrifice, the group selected him as the winner of that training's Enterprise Challenge competition.

Since then and in many events since, I have seen Randy work tirelessly, often without personal gain, to build Randy would sleep at the co-working space we both worked from for months at a time to code and work on I truly believe that if anyone can help bridge the gap of health and education access in Ghana and Africa at large, it is Randy.

My Giving Campaign

As such, for my birthday this year, I am partnering with Randy and to fundraise $2,000 through my family, friends, and network in the U.S. and around the world to bring health insurance to the village of OHUA, in the Gamoa district in Ghana.

The $2000 will cover 200 people, including all of the junior high school children in the village, with national health insurance for 2 years. In Ghana, 90% of all disease conditions and over 540 medicines are covered by the national health insurance scheme.

Randy's sheer will to bring health insurance to underserved Ghanaians is proof that young people can contribute to and build Africa.

Please join me. With a $5 donation, you can help me make my birthday wish of raising $2,000 and providing health insurance to the OHUA village come true.

I am so grateful.

Cost Description Cost
Year One $895.00
Renewal $895.00
Payment Processing $60.00
Fulfilment (labor & materials) cost $150.00
Total $2,000.00

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